I sat there on the bench all on my own, the cool wind blowing in my ears the sun setting and the sky a light blue shade with a little orange. It was dusk, the birds were returning to their nests. Families laughing together enjoying in the park. Little kids were playing in the sand. This picture was almost perfect except for me. I knew somewhere in my heart it was the end. I was sad and I knew that there was nothing I could do. I looked down at my watch it was five. He will be leaving soon I thought his flight leaves at six. I knew that this was my last chance to make him stay. No matter what we say today i knew that I’ll have to say goodbye. This was it I knew, but I just sat there staring off into space. As if everything was perfect. My mind told me to run to the airport stop him and get him back and yet, I just sat still. I told my heart to quit it, stop being emotional i told myself. I have to be happy for him this was an opportunity of a lifetime, I had to let him go. I steadied myself that instance i took a cab to the airport and made my way through the crowd of  families crying trying to say goodbye with a smile, couples meeting each other after a long time. And finally I saw him just when he was about to board the plane. Jason! Jason! I shouted and he looked sideways at me and a smile spread through his face. I ran to him without thinking about anything it was as if the whole world was swirling except for him and me. In that moment nothing existed except for Jason and me. He picked me up until my toes were dancing in the air and then I whispered in his ears…….I love you.

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