She sunk to the floor of her washroom, tears rolling down her cheeks. She thought that it was over everything was ruined, gone, disappeared into nothing. She cried and wailed somehow thinking that it would help…..it didn’t. Aria was depressed. and thought in those few seconds, she had ruined everything. She was done with life, the misery, suffering all of it. And then she remembered that wonderful lady from the few memories she had of her mom. Her mom would have told her not to give up, keep trying and…..have hope. Thinking about her mother made it harder somehow but the important thing was, her mother would have told her to go on, move on and do something about it. Aria herself knew that crying would only release a little pain if nothing. She had to move on from it…..have hope. She did know that it was the right thing, but isn’t the right choice always the toughest? In that moment, she made a decision, she was going to move on with her life,  do something fruitful, have hope. She wiped the tears using the edge of her sleeve. Washed her face. Stared at herself in the mirror, consoling herself that she could do it. With a smile on her face she walked out of the washroom knowing that hope…………….was the greatest thing in this world.

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