March bookstagram challenge 

So guys today I saw this post on instagram and I absolutely loved it!! There is a March book reading challenge in which you post a picture on each day of March. So please participate cause it’s gonna be amazing. @readsleepfangirl is organising it. And everyone is free to participate. And I just created a new Instagram account, be sure to check it out and follow me if you Like it, my username is @fangirlalert_07. And bleh, I know it’s not such a good username but all the good one were taken and I couldn’t think of anything else so that’s why. So basically the challenge for 1st of March is your Tbr and well, I live in India so it’s already 1st March and I have been dying to read mortal instruments city of heavenly fire, and there’s no way my mom will buy me the book cause I already bought the two previous ones (just my luck) yeah and I didn’t have the book so I had to download the image from the net and post it(so please ignore the fact that I don’t own the book) anyways, there a different theme/challenge for each day of March so you get to post a picture everyday and it’s super fun. So please check it out if you are on Instagram!!!!  

  This is the screenshot of the post about the challenge. 


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