Rainbows and Unicorns.


Seriously!!!! Why couldn’t this world be full of lovely rainbows and muticoloured unicorns. I hate the real world, for me reading books is an escape from the real world. Where magic,dreams, wishes they all come alive. I sometimes, have to convince myself that the world is not as bad it looks. The world is a beautiful place, but the harsh truth is……it really isn’t. When bad thoughts come to me I just smile. Smiling makes everything easier, but also sometimes crying makes things easier so don’t hesitate pour out your feelings and always……..think positive. I agree the world is not all glittery and pink. But you have to make a way for yourself, you have to believe that you can make this world a better place. It may not seem easy, but once you begin this journey…….I promise, you’ll never stop until you reach your destination. So, just enjoy your life cause beautiful things do happen even in this world because it is you who makes it beautiful. And if you believe in yourself……..everything is possible. 

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