My favourite Otps and Ships


Percabeth is the one I love the most. Unlike times of love at first site, this is the most reasonable. I mean Percy didn’t just join camp and fall in love with Annabeth. They were friends for four years and then when Percy gave up immortality and they knew each other properly, that’s when it happened. And they are the cutest, Percy jumped into Tartarus for Annabeth. Percabeth is surely my favourite. 



Go clace!!!!!!!! After I read the books I really liked them. Clary would do anything for Jace and so would he. They loved each other even when they thought they were brother and sister. Sure, in the start I was very disappointed that clary chose Jace over Simon but then I knew they were meant to be. And so did Isabelle and Simon.



I am crying now, thinking about how Tris dies and Tobias(aka four) is left all alone. They are so perfect and they seriously had some chemistry from the time they met. When Tris and Tobias most likely know that they are going to die, but still they had hope. Because as they say “Hope is the only thing stronger than Fear”.



These two make me smile every time I read about them. Such different personalities, and yet so perfect. One of my favourite ships from the TMI series. How Isabelle falls helplessly in love with Simon( I can’t stop smiling).


most people don’t like Jasper and I seriously don’t know why. Sure I prefer percabeth to jasper but still these two are super cute. I love both of them very very very much especially together. They are amazing! 

PS.  I wanted to include many more like Malec, Peenis(katniss and peeta just making sure you know), etc. But as usual I was too lazy to type. So guys I hope you’ll enjoy this and let me know in the comments, your favourite ships. ๐Ÿ˜ƒโค๏ธ  


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