My first book tag

So I found this on  @thebooksoutloud and absolutely loved it and she was extremely kind to tag all her followers. Some of our answers may match but I swear I didn’t copy. Anyways I hope you’ll enjoy this because it’s my first book tag ever!

Opening credits : Favourite childhood book: 

Geronimo Stilton of course(this is the 

part where our answer matches) I loved this book so much that I actually had a small library in my class for only Geronimo Stilton books and it was a success and I also have this huge collection of these books. 

PS. How’s the picture? Because I put in a lot of effort clicking it😃

Waking up: A book that got you out of your reading slump: 

Once I finished reading the maze runner series I liked it, so I thought it would be cool to read it’s prequel Kill order and I downloaded it’s ebook. Well I was wrong and I went into this reading slump, then Divergent got me out of my reading slump. Though I rarely have reading slumps. 

School: A book you ended up reading for school and ended up loving it:

Bridge to Terabithia probably, cause I loved the book right until a major character got killed. So, if I had to choose it would be this one!  


Falling in love: An author you love so much that you want to read all of their book: 

No doubt, Cassandra Clare. I just love the way she writes I mean it’s so relatable and perfect. I surely want to read all of her books/series . I have almost completed the mortal instruments series and soon lady midnight is going to realease, so was thinking of buying that book too. And I also really want to read the infernal devices but I can’t choose which one to read First Lady midnight or start with the infernal devices.



Fight: the book with the best action sequences:

Hmm, I don’t know cause I mostly don’t read any action packed books so maybe I’d say divergent. Probably, I don’t know. Sorry! 

Break up: a book or series you did not finish and do not intend to finish:

 I always finish what I start so I guess there’s no such book.
Hanging out with friends: a book you think everyone should read : 

I think the Percy Jackson series because no matter how old or young you are you’ll love this series.  

 PS. This book is really old and that’s why there are many creases and folds. But old is gold.

Breakdown: book that seriously made you cry your eyes out: 

Allegiant, the people who have read this book will know why if you don’t then it’s ok you’ll know and you’ll cry for hours together. 

Road trip: your favourite series( more than 3 books)

Percy Jackson, divergent, the mortal instruments, hunger games,etc. 

Flashback: your favourite book from 5 years ago: 

I am really young so my answer is Geronimo Stilton. 😃❤️
Getting back together: a book you cannot stop rereading: 

I don’t reread a lot but I think I have read Percy Jackson greekgods a couple of times, so yeah.


Moments of triumph: Longest book you have read: 

Tough one but I think it’s The blood of Olympus. And I really enjoyed it.

Death scene: books/series you wish had ended differently: 

Ah, Alligienant and also to some extent maze runner Death Cure.

Funeral:book with the worst or best epilogue: 

I don’t know, can’t choose. Sorry! 

End credits: who do you tag? 

I tag everyone who reads this and also my followers. 



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