My review on “Insurgent” the movie

So I dont know why I didnt watch this movie before, hmm maybe its because of all the bad  reviews( yes, I am totally trying to exaggerate here). Ok so there were so many people who told me that this movie was horrible and really really terrible. I never went to the theatre to watch the movie and a few days ago the movie was being played on television for the very first time, I decided that I didnt have any work and it was a sunday so I watched the movie. OK so let me tell you that yes I completely agree the movie was nothing like the book. there were tremendous changes and it wasn’t really an appropriate “book adaptation”. However if you only watch the movie without reading the book, you’ll actually like it. It was bad yes, but if you see overall the movie was good for a ‘movie’ but for a book adaptation not so much. My sister and mother watched the movie with me and they loved it! Yes I know you are thinking “What?????? How come???” But guys i think we should the movie a little credit, the movie was shot very well. The simulation sequence in the movie was a rather good change and also the action sequences were well shot. And can we all take a moment to just apprieciate Peter in the movie. I mean seriously he’s my fvaourite character now, he’s just so sassy and comes up with the best response possible and hey! he helped Tris so yeah Peter transformed into a really likeable character. While in the book he is just too freakin mean and stubborn and cruel. So guys if you havent watched the movie go watch it and tell me if u agree or disagree with me :0!

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I am so sorry for not being able to post frequently, my exams started today and theyare making us write an exam tomorrow too, by the way TOMORROW IS SATURDAY!!!!!

Anyways i hope you like thid review and tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree with me and what are your views about the movie.



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