FANGIRL By Rainbow Rowell Review

  Oh my god! I like just finished reading Fangirl!!!!!!! And I am fangirling all over it!! I very rarely read stand alones but Fangirl absolutely deserved all that hype. And well, it was on my tbr since……I don’t know but a really really long time. I loved the book. Probably I wished a few things would have been different but overall it was a pretty fun and enjoyable book. AMD I am really proud of myself because I completed this book in like 5 days and did I mention my exams are going on. So I was really happy after reading the book.

NAME: Fangirl 

AUTHOR: Rainbow Rowell



Cath- okay so if you are like a complete Fangirl who is always fangirling about ever single book and are socially awkward, then you will relate to Cath very well. She is a girl who hates “people” ( though hate might be a little strong word we can say dislike or liked avoiding conversations with people) She writes Fanfiction like, 24/7 and her fanfic Carry On, Simon is extremely popular and it gets a million hits. 

Wren- Wren is Cath’s twin sister, they both were going to the same collage. While Cath wanted to her sister as a roommate and bestie. And avoid making new friends and meeting people. Wren wanted to have an adventure, go to parties, meet people and have fun and wanted to be roommates with someone other than Cath. Wren is like a really cool girl and kind of the prettier and skinnier twin. 

Levi- A cute(extremely cute) blonde guy. Cath thinks that he is her roommate Reagan’s boyfriend but finds out later that there’s a completely different story to why he spends so much time in Reagan and Cath’s room. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Levi is an amazing guy wiypth wonderful manners. Who smiles at everyone, I mean it each and every person even a stranger. Later on Levi becomes Cath’s  boyfriend and may I add  the best boyfriend ever. He’s always there for Cath no matter what. 

Reagan- she’s Cath’s roommate, who in the beginning is kinda mean and rude who barely lives in the room and is off to parties and comes late. But later after some time Reagan is very supportive and protective and well, Cath’s only friend when Cath was fighting with wren. 

The plot is pretty good. It follows protagonist Cath Avery and all her adventures in the first year of collage and how she overcomes all her problems and finally gets adjusted to her collage. She writes Fanfiction in there spare time and by that I mean like always. Her Fanfiction is extremely populated among teenagers and breaks the internet she writes about Simon and Baz from The world of Mages. She is very relatable to if you are a true Fangirl. Then there’s her cute boyfriend Levi and her twin sister Wren and Reagan her roommate and she’s very close to these people and they become a major portion of her life.

Ok, here’s where it doesn’t make much sense to me. Like after reading the last page/chapter I’m like what that’d it’s?! But later when I think about it, Rainbow Rowell kind of sums up many things in that small ending. It’s kind of good but also its a little incomplete to me. I don’t knew if it’s only me but I really felt like there should be a little more to the books ending. She should have written a little more and summed up the things a little better and go a little into depth. 

For me only the ending was a little off but otherwise I cherished this book and I am so happy that I finally read this book. Yay!!!! Go Fangirl. Loved the book it’s a must read for everyone!!!! I highly recommend this book. And also I really related to Cath and loved the ways Rainbow Rowell writes.

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