Ok so I am very disappointed by the number of books I read this month it’s awfully low mostly because I had so manyyyy test and exams I couldn’t read much though I am still reading FANGIRL, now during my exams ๐Ÿ˜ But all the books I read this month were fabulous and yes, I haven’t read lady midnight yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  because many people told me to read the infernal devices first. So my tbr for this month is The infernal Devices- all the three books, Carry on(cause I am currently reading FANGIRL so it’d be awesome to read Carry On and I really like the Baz and Simon stories) then…….oh my god there are just so many good books I have to read my tbr is huge!! 

So here’s my March wrap up


  Ps. How’s the picture? 

Anyways I loved this book and last month it was on my tbr to finish reading the mortal instrument series and I guess there’s at least something I achieved! So yay! This book is awesome you all should give this a try! 

Another shadowhunter novel!! After reading this book I couldn’t wait for my mom to buy it or read it from a library so guys I did what I had to……..ebook ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was very very very disappointed but the previous book was so freeing amazing I had to get my hands to City of heavenly fire!! 
Yay!! With the completion of the this novel I finally finished TMI and I was so sad and I cried and cried! Seriously I cried I am not joking! And we’ll it was as if a part of mine broke. Though this is my favourite book now!! 

SO I never actipually planned to read this book but my sister tolspd me that it’s fantastic so I gave it a try and well I loved it and as you can see this book is very old!! If you like classics this book is apt for you!! 
And yesss these were the only books I read this month god, I am so sorry!! That I couldn’t read more I hate exams and I have and exam tomorrow and here I am blogging!!! 


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