The worst  and best book adaptation movies!! 

I cannot stress enough how it bothers me that a person can mess up a movie which is a book adaptation. I mean seriously refer to the book dude!! Read it and understand. Sometimes the whole movie is messed up with all the wrong details and story. So here’s the book adaptation movies that i really hated and hope you guys agree with me!! 

The worst book adaptations 

1. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief   

 This is number one on my list. I mean seriously Percy is 16? And annabeth has brown hair? Oh, my gods (see what I did here) anyways I hated the movie a lot like totally, and are you kidding me the prophecy will come true when Percy is 20. This movie was an extremely bad book adaptation and I hated it. Percy Jackson was the series I loved and when I saw the movie and thought about the people who only watched the movie, what impression would they get of the movie. But I truly loved Percy, Logan Lerman he is so cute.❤️I love him!! 

2. Again……Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters   

  The whole movie I really disliked it. Annabeth magically gets blonde hair and Clarisse is mr.D’s favourite and oh, my god I only thing I liked was that first stunt in the movie with that amazing background music. That was really catchy and well, the start was good so I thought the movie would be too, but once again disappointment!!!! 😦 

3. Scorch trials   

  I was literally dying to watch this movie, I don’t know why butiwas. I think that the cast was pretty good but the story they completely changed it. In the end Minho gets taken with ‘Wicked is good’ ??? and it got over in the middle only and I was likes what……….that’s it?? Anyways they should have showed more about how Teresa put them all I danger and betrayed Thomas or in the next movie people would be like, ‘what’s up with Teresa’? 

So these were the movie I ‘hated’ but there were many other movies i didn’t like but these are I the top of my list. 

The best book adaptations 

Ok, so we all bookworms know that there is nothing called ‘best book adaptations’ a book is a book and it’s much better than the movie. Though there are a few movies which I actually enjoyed and really liked.

1. Catching fire   

   Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Katniss’s amazing dress which was very close to the one in the book and the best part of the movie for me. I loved this movie. Sure, there were a few things/details they missed out but the characters were so damn amazing Finnick for one was on point 😘 and then there’s Joanna!! I really liked this movie and the hungergames are the only proper book adaptations according to me.

2. Insurgent  

 As I have already told previously in my review of the movie I loved this movie. It was shot very well. The few changes in the story were pretty good  and everything. This npmovie was a really amazing book adaptation. Peter oh, my god I love him in the movie he’s so funny, sassy.

So this was my list guys do you agree?? And what is your list let me know in the comments. I hope you like this post.


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