Tag Thursday the tbr tag 

Thanks so much Alicia @hashtaglovebooks!!! For nominating m. I am so bad at tbr’s that you know there might be a hundred books right now on my tbr!! But you know I think the only way I can actually keep up with my tbr is to add as less books as possible. But you know, that’s never possible and hey! I love book tags so let’s get into it!! 🙂   

 PS. These are not actually the books in my tbr but I really like this picture……what do you think? 

1. How do you keep track of your tbr:

Hmm, so actually I don’t know all the books on my tbr! But you know when I think or look at some book “I’m like oh, my God I have dying to read this book and it’s been on my tbr forever” So you know pretty much as I said before I am so bad at keeping track of my tbr. 

2. Is your tbr mostly print or ebook:

For starters, I hate ebooks. I really prefer physical books any day! But you there are those few times when I cannot afford my book with my allowance and well, I am forced to read ebooks. It surely does t give that same magical feel of a physical book. But something is better than nothing. And well I hate ebooks so much that I actually had a debate in books and ebooks and obviously I was on the winning side and those times when I post pictures of ebooks my friends are all like “I thought you hated ebooks” so I always keep in mind to add a caption saying “I hate that I don’t own the physical book”. So that’s practically it. And I am seriously ignoring my tbr now cause I can’t find the infernal devices anywhere the prices are outrageous. So can someone mail me the book away? (Just kidding, but seriously) 

3. A book that has been on your tbr the longest:

The girl online!! I have literally been dying to read this since……forever!! This book has so many great reviews and I can’t wait to read it!! I love the cover the synopsis looked good and I seriously wanted to read it since such a long time. 

4. A book recently added to your tbr pile: 

Ok. So a thousand, literally a thousand people have told me that the Young Elites by Marie lu is amazing and I recently added this to my huge pile of tbr books which I may read first. Because seriously the reviews oh, my god! 

5. A book on your tbr strictly because of its cover: 

Obviously the Lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The cover are literally breathtaking and beautiful. This book caught my eye instantly and mainly because of the cover!! I really love the covers of all the books in the series. 

 6. A book on your tbr that you never plan on reading: 

Sorry guys, I hate depressing stuff so my answer’s going to be……………The fault in Stars. I am so sorry every time I think I’ll give this book a chance but it’s just so sad I may get nightmares and plus I have watched the movie, I know it’s not the same thing but I am never going to read this book like…..ever! 

5. An unpublished book you are excited for: 

Umm, as of now none. But I haven’t read lady midnight and I’d love to read it, actually I am desperate to read it and it just came out a few weeks ago so I guess that’s my answer!!  


6. A book on your tbr that everyone has read but you: 

Papertowns like, allllll of my friends have read it except for me. And I am always like”guys stop discussing about Papertowns guys! You’re going to spoil it for me” but they go ahead anyways.  

 7. A book on your tbr everyone has recommended to you that you are dying to read: 

Carry on. The reviews are breaking me when the hell will I get this book. Ever since u read fangirl I am even more determined to read it! Like when, whennnnnn???  

 I hope you like this tag thnx again Alicia @hashtaglovebooks for nominating me ❤️Here are the 5 people I am going to nominate:

  1. The girl in the boots
  2. Girlwhoreadsblog
  3. The orang-Utan librarian
  4. Hannah @thebookllama
  5. Thebookishfae

4 thoughts on “Tag Thursday the tbr tag 

  1. Ta k you for tagging me in this challenge! I am so sorry and embarrassed for not seeing it earlier🙊. I haven’t been on my blog for a few months! Thank you again!

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