Book fangirling award! 

Thanks so much @thegirlinboots for nominating me for the book fangirling award! This is the first time anyone has nominated me for an award.  


  • Thanks the person who nominated you! 
  • Answer the questions they set for you!
  • Set some new questions and nominate five more bloggers!


1. Have you ever done anything embarrassing while you’ve been fangirling?  ( sorry I just felt like doing these questions too)

Where do I start. Whatever I do while fangirling is embarrassing like drooling about all the hot fictional guys. Jumping with joy(literally) when something good happens to my favourite character. Huh, so like everything here is embarrassing. Please tell me even you do this or otherwise I am very embarrassed. 😳

2. Biggest book  hangover?  

 Of course, Percy Jackson series. I read it like when I was eleven and here I am still re-reading it! I love this series it’s so so so close to my hear because it was the first ever series I ever read. And guys I a, still do disappointed that I am, not at camp half blood. I even did a Post on it, check it out.

3. When was the last time you fangirled and why?   

  Hehe, just recently after reading Fangirl, isn’t it obvious the book was so amazing it gave me all the feels it was just so damn good that I couldn’t help but FANGIRL!! You all have to read it! 

4. Do you read or write Fanfiction? 

So like a month ago or something I just apmade my account on But the thing is I never actually wrote or read Fanfiction. Though I am planning on getting back to my account after reading Fangirl. If you’ve read it you’ll know why. 

5. who are you fangirling most over at the moment? 

Leviiiiiiiiiii!!!! I loveee him. From fangirl cause he’s just so amazing and I’ll love to have him in my life and he’s so cute. Oh, my god you have to read Fangirl! 

Questions( the girl in boots) 

6. A book you have read years before but you still Fangirl about? 

The hunger games series! I love it! It’s so amazing that u can’t stop fangirling about it! 

7. Is there any character or book everyone else loves over but you? 

Umm….. Jason from the Percy Jackson series. I hate him. Why does anybody like him? Percy is thousand times better!! 

8. A book you loved but feel it should be more popular? 

I don’t think there’s any such book! 

9. A character you wish you could marry? 

Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Simon Lewis I love them all and want to get married to them all!! (Talk about double dating) 

My questions 

  1. Your favourite fictional villian.
  2. Favourite female fictional character.
  3. A series you cannot stop fangirling about.
  4. Most hated book. 
  5. Fictional characters you are jealous of because of their amazing boyfriends/girlfriends.

My nominees:

  1. Alicia @hashtaglovesbooks
  2. Nerdybirdy @daydreamingbooks
  3. The orang-gutan librarian
  4. Hannah @thebookllama
  5. The bookish fae

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