Fictional worlds Vs Real worlds 

As the title tells you this post is about how fictional worlds are much, thousand times better than real ones! Of course this is my opinion so I thought of drawing up reasons why fictional worlds are a million times better than real ones!  

 1. I mean seriously how could anything get better than any fictional place like Hogwards, can you do magic where you live or learn magic? Ofcourse not! And come on muggle lives are just so damn boring you study, graduate, get married, have kids and then done. That’s it. But wizard lives oh, they’re the best! Don’t you want to go on an amazing magical adventure seeking the secrets of your past? Of course you do! This alone sums Arup why fictional worlds and lives are better but I think I should write some more.

2. Camp Halfblood! Hmm being with friends going out for parties, functions, wow! That’s awesome but you know what’s better having demogods as friends, being a demigod having amazing powers. Competing during capture the flag. Going on a quest, battling monsters, saving Olympus.

3. Don’t you want to look badass in black gear with arrows and swords and daggers and tattoos all over your body! Killing demons, creating runes, protecting the human race from demons. Oh, my god I’d give anything to be a shadowhunter! Exploring the world p, knowing that creatures like vampires, fearies, warlocks actually exist! “All the legends are true.”-Jace

4. Living life just the way it is is way to boring compared to living in a world full of factiona and Divergents, opposing the system, going rogue saving the world, going on an amazing adventure beyond everything. And lastly being…….Dauntless! 
So that actually sopums up my entire life how I would give anything to live in these fictional worlds than the real ones. How this means everything to me. So I hope that after reading this, you too will agree that fictional worlds rock! 

Sorry guys gpthat I haven’t posted for a few days now. But hey! My vacations started yesterday and I am having a blast. I went out with my friends after school and watched a movie! Ate doughnuts clicked 54 selfies enjoyed like hell! I love vacations. Yay!!


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