Books that made me cry

Ok so I am very emotional when it comes to books I cry pretty easily but I love when books make me cry. I love the feels that I get and feel as though the book is a part of me and when a character dies I feel a part of myself dying. I hope I’m not the only emotional freak! Anyways here’s my list of books that made me cry.

1. Allegiant 

 Where do I start, literally! Where this book had me in pieces i cried for 1 hour seriously. I men why, why did Tris have to die that too in that horrible way. Why? I hated the ending of this book I actually really enjoyed the first two books in the series but allegiant was a huge, huge disappointment! 

2. Heroes of Olympus: the Blood of Olympus  

 This serie has been a major part of my amazing childhood. This series is so awesome I absolutely loved it and when my package came from Amazon for the blood of Olympus my hands were trembling and then the cover it just blew me away and the characters of this book were really close to me and when I closed the book the tears just came, it just happened I couldn’t accept the fact that the series had come to an end and I’ll never readablyt these amazing characters again. It was so sad but I loved the book so much! 

3. The city of heavenly fire  

 How could you not cry. My favourite character just lost his memories and well, the ending was…….perfect(of course because it was Cassandra Clare) but even then I just couldn’t the series was over. TMI Is my favourite series up to date and the city of heavenly fire my favourite book. And crying made me feel better this book is recommended to everyone you have to read this series you’ll love it. 

4. The bridge the terabithia  

 Ok, you might think how can anyone cry in this book well, I did. I mean they just killed of the main female protagonist. And I cried my eyes out. It was extremely sad and they made us read this ipfor school in the fifth grade mad all of my friends cried too, but me the most. 

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