Books on my tbr that probably I’ll never read

I am so sorry to do This post but I thought this was very much needed. Ok so my tbr currently contains a million books(literally) and there are a few which I don’t think I’ll ever read. Sure, that makes me extremely sad but that the ugly truth. Anyways here’s my list:

1. The fault in our stars 

This book for sure cause john green is the one author I am not into. And well, all his books are amazing as per the reviews though I said that I was going to start reading his books, well it’s just not me. I really don’t know why. I watched the fault in our stars (the movie) and I kind of hated it. It’s ok if you hate me GeForce this but I have to be honest. It was sad, dull, depressing, very…….what do I say I really didn’t like it. So this book I don’t think I’ll read in the near future. Though people change so maybe one day u wake up and be like “hey I am going to read the fault in our stars”. 

2. Please, please don’t hate me for this…………The Harry Potter series

I beg for your forgiveness. I am so sorry but this series no matter how damn awesome it is will not be read by me, so sorry guys. Atlases not anytime soon. A trillion literally, a trillion people have told me how fantastic Harry Potter is but you know I don’t know guys. It’s just not for me. ๐Ÿ˜” mad plus I have a.ready watched the movies atleast 10 times so I know the story but if I’ll ever read it is a big question mark. Ok, if u hate me I believe you. 

3. Twilight saga(I don’t know what you call it) 

So like it’s been on my tbr since I turned 13 and now that I think about it I don’t actually want to read it. When I watched the spmovie, sure I liked but loved no! So I decided against reading it and I’ve heard that breaking dawn is adult so yeah, that I why I won’t be reading this……ever. This decision didn’t break my hear but I can’t say the same for the Harry Potter series. 

So this was my list of books which are on my tbr but I probably won’t be reading them! Sorry once again guys for Harry Potter. Anyways I am loving girl online it’s so relatable and amazing! I love it!! โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ƒ tell me in the comments if you have such a list of books! And I hope you liked it(oh, whom am I kidding! I am sure most of you hate me by now, sorry!!!) 


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