Review: Girl online by Zoe Sugg

  Name:Girl online

Author:Zoe Sugg 

Genre:Fantasy, Romance, Coming of age

Rating: 10/10

As you can see I loved this book it was all so perfectly brought together. It reminded me of a Disney channel original chick flick. With drama, love, compassion. It was all there in the book. If you are a ten age girl looking for a fun read you shroud absolute lately go for this book. I am sure you’ll like it as much as I did. 

Synopsis (Spoiler free I promise) 

So penny is an overly clumsy, always making a fool out of herself, queen of embarrassment kind of girl. Penny runs an anonymous blog ‘the Girl online’ to share her feelings. However her world changes when her family takes her to New York. She meets this amazing guy ‘Noah’ (who is absolutely perfect) and they are suddenly falling in love with each other. Enjoying each other’s company even more. Penny finally feels like she can take control of her life. She is amazing the way she is. She feels confident after so much time that she is on the top of the world! But then, late she discovers something horrible. Noah has betrayed her, everything he did, said was a lie. And the worst things of all this is all over the internet. Penny finds her life crumbling the same way it felt perfect in New York. 


Penny aka ‘the girl online’-  I love Penny she is cute, smart and loves taking pictures. I really like how Zoella transformed penny to become so strong and get over her fears. To me Penny is very relatable not because of the clumsiness but because of her anonymous blog! My blog is not quite anonymous but I haven’t told anyone I know about my blog. Penny and Noah are absolutely adorable. I love, love, love them. Does anyone know their ship name? Anyways after her visit to New York Penny had completely changed for the good. Her bestie is Elliot and I wish even I had such an amazing bestie! 

Noah-  perfectly described as a gorgeous guitar-strumming Americn Noah is a great guy. Probably the best, while everyone judges Penny because of her clumsiness, Noah doesn’t seem to mind it at all. The best part is that Noah likes penny for who she is. If you read the book you’ll instantly fall in love with Noah just like I did. You seriously can’t help it! All through the book I was ‘what is Noah’s secret’ I was absolutely desperate to know. 

Elliot- Penny’s next door neighbour and also her best friend is awesome actually the best nets friend anyone could have. Hies sense of humour is fantastic and so is his sense of fashion. Elliot is the only person Penny had told about her blog. He is so supportive of Penny, ah. 


The ending was precise and sweet which made me love it even more. Even though it was short it was completely and satisfied me. I highly recommend this book. Also completed reading this book under a week and I am very proud of myself. Guess vacations are amazing! The ending is very cute and makes me feel so so so happy about the world. Anyways you all should read this book it was a very nice and sweet read. Also I can’t wait to read Girl online on tour and the best part is I own it yay!!!! It’s just sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be picked up. 


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