Girl Online On Tour Review

Name: Girl Online On tour
Author: Zoe Sugg

Genre: Romance, Young adult

Rating: 9.5/10

So, Hi! guys. just completed reading the sequel to Girl Online, Girl Online On Tour!! i absolutely loved it but not quite as much as the first book. Though it was a really nice read and very enjoyable. And yay! once again great achievement i read this book in three days!!!!! So here’s my Spoiler Free review of this wonderful book.



Penny: Because of her horrifying experience of the internet last time Penny decides to make her blog private so that only Elliot(her best friend), Pegasus Girl(very supportive fan and fellow blogger) and Miss Mills(penny’s favourite teacher) can read her blog! Her Rock-God-tastic boyfriend Noah Flynn is a rock star. He invites Penny to come with him on his European tour. Life on Tour is more difficult than Penny had imagined and she is constantly homesick.

Noah: Noah’s career is just about to take off and so he and his band mates are going on a European tour for which he invites his girlfriend Penny. Noah realizes that his relationship with Penny is in trouble because he is constantly busy and cannot keep the promises he made to her.

Eliott: Eliott feels like the luckiest person in the world when he meets Alex who soon becomes his boyfriend. though Eliott is very upset that Penny will be gone for two weeks he is happy to have Alex by his side. though in the future things seem to be not so good for”Alexiott”.

Dean: Dean is Noah’s manager who discovered Noah on YouTube. But Dean keeps Noah so busy with the meetings and shows that is becomes very difficult for Noah to spend time with Penny.


The plot and story were very well written and there was no part in the book where i felt like “i am bored” this book was very exciting and fun-filled. The chemistry between Noah and Penny was completely like a fairy tale. It was as if like in the movies. All you girls out there should definitely give this book a shot. Also all the new characters that Zoe introduces in the book are a definite plus point which just adds so much more to the book and gives a oppurtunity for new twists. The only thing that i didnt ike very much was well, in some parts of the book i felt ike the concentration was more towards the PDA of Noah and Penny and i felt like it should have told a little more about Penny and what she wanted to do in life. But overall an amazing read you all should try!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


This was the one part in the book where i got a little confused. The ending seemed so perfect but still so imperfect. ah, it got me thinking that I really need a third book to make me feel whole again. And yes there were instances in the book where I almost cried. THis book was magical and made me realize many important values and I hope it does the same for you.



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