The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel Review

Name:Clockwork Angel

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Fantasy, Young adult fiction

Rating: 10/10

Omg!!! I loved, loved, loved the book it was just perfect for me. Everything in the book was so well written that it just made it perfect. And that’s why I rated it 10/10. This series/ book is my ultimate reccomendation to EVERYONE!! Seriously now I know what all the hype was about. And oh, my God seriously the plot twist was mind blowing like so many people have told me. It was just…..perfect there’s no other word I can use for this book that suites it better than perfect! Also can somebody ship me the next book in the serie cause I am dying to read it please!!!! 



  1. Tessa Gray- I love her. She is an absolutely amazing example of a young, brave girl. And she looks very pretty. Tessa is different she has a power she didn’t know about until she arived in London. She is amazed at what she can do but is this a boon or a bane? Ok, Tessa is great she is diferent in the best ways possible. Unlike other girls she hardly ever cares about how she looks and is determined to find her brother Nathaniel(Nate) who she thought had sent her a ticket to London. 
  2. William Herondale- blushing* I officially have a crush on him. Ok, so whoever has read the mortal instruments knows that Jace is cute and super hot. Now imagine this Will is 100 times cuter and hotter than Jace. I know it’s hard to believe but read the book you’ll know unwas telling the truth. With the perfect combination of black hair and blue eyes Will is a very brave Shadownhunter at the London institute. His best friend Jem is slowly dying whom he is always worried about. Will seems like he doesn’t care about anything but Tessa think and hopes that deep down there’s a lot he cares about. 
  3. James Carstairs- Jem is a total opposite of his best friend and parabatai Will. He is cool and calm. But his extremely pale skin and eyes have a huge secret. Born in Shanghai his parents were killed by a demon and so he came to the London. I really liked Jem her looks are of course very handsome but I liked him because of his personality it’s very pure and gentle. 

Okay, there are a bunch of other amazing characters but these three are the main and also my favourite. Cassandra Coare again does an masons job with the characters. Yay! I love all of her books!!!


The plot follow female protagonist Tessa Gray who arrived in London during the reign of Queen Victoria. Tessa gets a ticket to London from her brother Nathaniel who arrived at London a few weeks ago to work. Tessa funds herself trapped in a house by two mysterious women known as the Dark Sisters. While trying to escape she meets Shadowhunter Will Herondale who rescues her and brings her to the London institute. There she feels unsafe Aim the beginning but starts to accept that she is much safer there. Tessa has a power which she didn’t know existed until she was trained to use it by the Dark sisters. A man called The Magister wants to marry Tessa he wants her to belong to him. But Tessa thinks that she isn’t human anymore that she’s a monster. Wit the help,of the shadowhunters Tessa finally found her brother Nate but can she trust him anymore? 

Ending :

 For me the ending is the part which I absolutely love or absolutely hate and well, Cassandra Calre always see,s to end each and every and I mean it each and every book of hers I the best manner possible. Even in the Mortal Instruments series the last book had ended rather perfectly but I don’t feel the same about The blood of Olympus. Also all the books in TMI series  ended In the perfect manner. Even if maybe one or two of them ended as a cliffhanger we were assured that there were more books in tenderise and that wasn’t the end. The same thing is applied for Clockwork Angel it was ended beautifully with us guessing what’ll happen in the next book which made it sure we read the next book in the series. This book made me love to come back to the shadow world after waiting for so much time. *sigh* once again guys you’ll are missing a lot if you haven’t read this book/series. 


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