My TBR For May….. 

Yay!! It’s may a whole new month to read new books! As promised this my May tbr post!!! Here are the books I seriously want to read this month but I am not sure if it’ll be possible. Though I will try my best!! Also I’d love to know in the comments what are the books in your tbr pile for this month! 

Ok so as many of you know I started reading TID and I am loving it so one thing for sure this series will absolutely be there in my May tbr. The books that I am desperate to read are as follows:

1. Clockwork Prince

2. Clockwork Princess

3. Lady Midnight( will finally be able to read this book after omg! Soooo many days of waiting)

4. Me before You 

5. The Girl on the train

Wow!! 5 books hmm it is a challenge which I am ready to take!! And yay!! There will be reviews for all these books this month and many fun tags, activities, etc planned for May! 

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