Clockwork Prince : Review




RATING: 10/10

Where should i start guys???? i mean the book definitely left me in tears like literally the last two chapters i was crying. If you have read the book i am sure yu can relate but for the others imagine a very, very sad love triangle and that is precisely what happened. I was all for team Will but after clockwork Prince i am not so sure. I love Jem and Will both soooo much and i want Wessa and Jessa both to happen but THEN…….



Ahh, Will Tessa and Jem all three of them are my favourites. Though being a girl i definitely relate a lot more to Tessa. Oh God, i am crying right now thinking about the book. So in this book Will is definitely changing for the good! but his love for Tessa…….does she return his feelings? I know most of us will love to see Wessa but then Jem, he is DYING he should definitely feel happy in his last days.(PS. i realllyyy really hope he doesn’t die!)

Tessa is spot on. She is getting trained and well, i can relate so much to her and i am sure most girls can. With her love of reading and well everything about her is amazing!

Will….ahh, Will how I wish his heart doesn’t get broken. The wall that Will has built around himself for God…. Five whole years is crumbling and now people can see the REAL WILL. And lets just say that my favourite gay character plays a pretty major part in this book that i love…. MAGNUS BANE IS BACK!

Jem is a different story all together. I just wish he gets better and they find a cure. Jem feels stronger with Tessa, he feels better like he can live and most of all he is HAPPY!


The story is amazing! Cassandra Clare has obviously outdone herself this time too! And yes, Guys i recommend this book to everyone. It can definitely change your life nad the way you look at things. The story mostly focuses on the relationship between Tessa nad Jem and will and Tessa and how Charlotte is trying her best to find the Magister and keep the institute to herself and save it from the hands of Benedict Lightwood.


The ending left me wanting to gets my hands on the next book ASAP and red and read and reda. Though it also scared me of what might happen in the end and how this beautiful series will be over. And well, the last line of the book was a blow, a good kind of blow which we should find in every book!








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