Top 5 Contemporaries

OK so guys today I am going to be talking about cute contemporaries. Yeah I love contemporaries especially those books that make you feel like you are reading a chick flick that you really enjoy! Because personally I love Chick Flicks and I haven’t seen a single girl who doesn’t. But this list also includes books that I haven’t read and would love to read in the future!

1. Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour

So recently I bought these two books because my all my friends said that it was amazing and I also love Zoella so much that i decided to read it! And omg!I loved it. I recommend this book to everyone. It was so adorable and cute, gave me the feels.

2. PS. I love You 

I am planning on reading this book soon. The reviews all say that this book is wonderful. Plus may people on Instagram have advised me to read it so this book is definitely on my tbr. Also the movie is lovely.(and by lovely I mean heartbreakingly sad)

3. When We collided

Ahh, this book has been on my tbr literally forever and i can’t wait to get into it. Plus it seems like a refreshing change to the usual dystopian/thrillers i read. Also the cover is really pretty and that just adds to it.

4. If I Stay

OK, so I lovedddd the movie and i plan on reading this book like very soon. But there’s just one problem, i don’t want it to break me like I don’t want to feel extremely sad and heartbroken after I read it. I know this is silly and that’s it’s a wonderful book but this really worries me. I need you Help guys!

5. Me Before You

Sorry guys if you think I mention this book a lot. I just can’t stop stressing enough about how much I want to read this book and how many people have told me too and I am sure you all feel this way. But of course Me before You would be in this list, like duh!



11 thoughts on “Top 5 Contemporaries

  1. When We Collided is really a wonderful contemporary, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Here’s a weird a fact though, when I read If I Stay I didn’t really cry or got emotional and the movie was the one that actually crushed me! Me Before You is just everything, so heartbreaking. ๐Ÿ’”

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