Curent read + Thoughts + Teaser

Hey guys I just started reading The Bane chronicles and it’s amazing!! I am in love with Magnus I mean how could somebody not be?! I thought that nobody is perfect….until I met Magnus Bane and Ofcourse Will Herondale❤️ I am about 80 pages into the book and omg! It’s wonderful and I just love reading about Magnus, he’s so cute and Malec is one of my favourite OTP’s. 

I would like to kinda Wrap up my week. So to start off, my school is starting on Friday and I am so excited and nervous at the same time, agh it’s frustrating. I can’t wait to get back to school and let everything come back to normal. But there’s one thing…I won’t be able to post that often. Also last week I went for classes, the whole week. Yes, studying in the vacations…but it kind of made me feel confident and helped me get ready to go to school. Also this year I have a new language Fench and I just can’t wait to see how it is! 

And now for the Teaser: 

“To them, as to Magnus, time was like rain, glittering as it fell, changing the world, but something that could also be taken for granted.
Until you loved a mortal. Then time became gold in a miser’s hands, every bright year counted out carefully, infinitely precious, and each one slipping through your fingers.” -Magnus Bane 

I am totally in love with this quote❤️ don’t you just love Magnus Bane? I know I do.


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