Review: Bane Chronicles

Name: The Bane Chronicles 

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Fantasy, Young adult

Totally rating: 9/10

Ahh, I am so proud to say that I have finally read this much awaited book. It took much longer than I had expected. Though it was an amazing read. Also Magnus Bane❤️❤️……I don’t know one person who wouldn’t want to read about him. And Malec, oh my God they’re the cutest. I loved all the characters from all the different ages, especially the other two hilarious warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss. 

Warning: DON NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVENT READ THE INFERNAL DEVICES!! I made a mistake I read it before I read clockwork Princess though thankful my friend told me that there are spoilers and thank God, I didn’t read that chapter. Also yayyyy! All the short stories are written exceptionally well and it is by Magnus’s  point of view so it makes it a hundred no sorry, a thousand times better. You all should read this book but of course after reading both TID AND TMI. And I am extremely sure that you loveee it!! This book was on my tbr since a Very long time, and it’s on the top of my reccomendations. 

All the three writers of this amazing book have done a fantastic job and well, I’d love it if Cassandra Clare writes another Magnus Bane book. Also yay! Clockwork princess finally arrived……unfortunately in my library so I don’t own it😔 anyways I can’t wait to read it, it’s gonna be amazing and I think it’s gonna be a little sad. Also agh, school started and none of my friends are in my class and the first day was so bad I really hope that no matter what this year will be amazing for me!! 


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