I’m on Goodreads❤️❤️

So recently I started a Goodreads account and I am really glad I did because I love it. There are so many amazing people I have met and so many good books that I did my know exist. I love it even though I am new to it and don’t know all the features well. So I am requesting you’ll to follow me and leave ur username in the comments so I can find and befriend you on Goodreads ❤️ My username is Fangirlalert_07 Also I want to share with you guys that I just hit 500 followers on my Bookstafgram account and thank you so much everyone who follows me. It may not mean much to others but to me 500 is definitely a milestone and I am soooo excited I love the bookstagram community. I’ve met so many amazing bloggers and bookstagrammers ahh, I love you guys! So it would really mean a lot if you could follow me and befriend me on Goodreads also leave your usernames in the comments below, I would apprieciate it! 


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