Tbr + Currently reading + Thoughts

So guys as many of you know I am currently reading Clockwork princess and I am totally in love with it. So my plan was to finish it last weekend but then studies, classes(a 5hr class) got in the way and I intend to finish it by this week. Also as many of us can agree that we are never able to stick to our tbr. Like a month ago I was supposed to finish the Lunar Chronicles series but I ended up reading Flawed, Elanor and Park, The bane Chronicles and TID. But to be fare the books weren’t available in my library and I didn’t want to buy them, you know In case I don’t like them. So I read all these books and they were ALL BORROWED ahh, I hate not being able to buy books. And one day my friend just comes over to me and she’s like hey I brought this book for you, the girl on the train. Hmm, I must say usually I am very happy to recover books and all but this was like, what now?! Agh that’s literally my life………SO MANY BOOKS SUCH LITTLE TIME! And 8th grade is totally stressing me out. I’m not talking about school studies that pretty easy but just the fact that spending soooo much time in school and coming home tired and the rushing for classes, not able to blog or bookstagram😢 

And that’s why you don’t see much of me these days, so sorry if u haven’t liked your blog post or anything I’m sure I’ll love it when I read it! Also I read a bit of The Girl on The train it’s really nice I loved how much ever I read, the book is off to a great start and I cannot wait to read it. Ahh Clockwork princess, oh my Dear Jem(the feels and omg! It’s so good I don’t  feel like finishing it, but hey I really want to❤️😢)  So here are a few of my favourite quotes from Clockwork Princess.

“Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.”

― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“Sometimes one must choose whether to be kind or honorable,” he said. “Sometimes one cannot be both.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“And now I need you to do for me what I cannot do for myself. For you to be my eyes when I do not have them. For you to be my hands when I cannot use my own. For you to be my heart when mine is done beating.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“And maybe you should stop pitying yourself,” he said. “Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

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