Yet to read New Releases

Sorry guys I have again been inactive but what can I say… ha, I made through the first 3 weeks of school and it wasn’t very bad but not very good either and I promise my June Wrap Up will be up soon. So today I am going to talk about the new releases that I am yet to read and can’t wait. So let’s get into it: 

1. Trials of Apollo: The hidden Oracle

Ahh this book and the major fantasy and me being a Pjo fan I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and I really hope to read it soon, all the reviews have been amazing and the synopsis look so great I am totally drooling over Apollo though I will miss Percy being the protagonist but hey, it’s set in the same world so I am very excited! 

2. my lady Jane 

This book has received millions of good reviews on Goodreads and on Instagram and well, I really loved the cover and the description is so amazing I really want to read this book, tell me if this is on your tbr too! 

3. Ps. I Like you

Ahh, the cover itself is so pretty and well the hype and also everything else about it and the fact that it’s a contemporary and I have recently liked reading them so I have decided that I will be reading this book in the near future.

4. The rebel of the sands

So I know this isn’t exactly a ‘new release’ but well it released a few months ago and I have read and heard so much and the cover is truly so breathtaking I can’t wait to read it.

5. Lady midnight 

So this book has been on my every tbr list and honestly I still haven’t read it, and that disappointing I know but I really needed to read the infernal devices first and it all took up so much of time, but hopefully I’ll finish this book this month and write an amzing review for it! 
So this my list of new releases that are yet to be read by me. Tell me what’s on your list I’d love to know. Also guys I will try my best to post more often I will! 

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