My Goodreads Reading Challenge…..

So HALF of the year is over and well on Goodreads I had challenged myself to read 30 books this year and I know what you’re thinking only 30 books?? Well, this year has been veryyyy busy with studies, classes, exams and extracurricular activities and so I decided to go with 30! But guess what I have once again disappointed myself! I am 2-3 books behind schedule and that’s very very disappointing. But now there’s a new fire in me, I am determined to catch up and read more than 30 books this year! And I am going in with all hopes and a ton of determination. Also I just realised that I have been so inactive lately I don’t check my reader and post rarely, so guys I am gonna make it up to you! You may see me spamming your blog with likes and comments, I hope that okay guys❤️😁 Anyways wish me luck for my Reading challenge and also for my units they are soo close. Ahh, so much of work such less time!


Goodreads challenge


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