Favorite Authors

So Guys when it comes to reading we all have our preferences, right??? I mean i definitely do! I read all the books by my favorite authors But sometimes I like explore and read books of new authors and different genres, for instance i recently read The Girl On the train and I loved it! Murder Mysteries are not what i usually go for but it was exciting! And believe me i knew nothing about Paula Hawkins but loved the book all the same.

So here are some of my Favorite Authors:

1. Cassandra Clare: I love her i have read almost all her books except for lady Midnight and shadowhunter academy and believe me when i tell you, she is one of the best YA fantasy writers her work is fabulous and it makes you want to read more and more of her books!!!

2. Rick Riordan: He was the one who got me into reading, literally! Percy Jackson was my first ever novel and how i loved it!! Rick Riordan made me fall in love with Percy and Camp Halfblood! He made me imagine the very best things and how i wish it were all true.

3. Suzanne Collins : How can we forget the Hunger Games Trilogy! the books were sooo good that even the movies were made fantastically! This series will forever be close to my heart because it was one of my first YA series and I loved the way she wrote, that storyline, those characters ahh……

4. Rainbow Rowell : I have read only 2 books by Rainbow Rowell and I definitely intend to read them all! I mean Fangirl!? I always dreamt of writing such a book and there it was waiting to be read! Also Elanor and Park this book had me crying my eyes out! I used to be so cynical about love, that it was bullshit and then I read this book and well, I loved it and how badly each day i wish it would have ended differently….

Anyways I could go on like this forever but these are my top 4 favourite authors! the other authors I like include Veronica Roth, Paula Hawkins, James Dashner, Cecelia Ahern, etc.


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