Review: The Girl On The Train

Name: The Girl On The Train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Genre: Murder Mystery, Thriller

Ratings: 3.5/5

So if you follow my blog regularly you’ll know the kind of books I read which include genres like YA, Fantasy, Contemporary, etc. But the kind of books i never read are Murder Mysteries. I first heard about this book from my sister and just shrugged it away thinking it was not my type of book. But then i started seeing it so much on Instagram and Goodreads that i had to give it a try, you know?! And well, I loved this book so much ahh, I wish I read more of such thrillers in the future!

So the plot was amazing, the story line was impeccable and the characters well, flawless it doesn’t mean the characters didn’t have flaws because they did but Paula Hawkins did such an amazing job with the characters. The beginning I have to admit was a bit boring but the book picked up pace and momentum once the murder was revealed! And from then on it kept me completely  interested and guessing about the killer. And I was right about the killer Yay! The book follows protagonist Rachel Watson, a divorced alcoholic who unveils the mystery by coming out of her bad habits and solving the mystery. Her ex husband Tom and his wife Anna hate her and want to get away from her forever but they just don’t seem to be able to get rid of her.

I feel very sorry for Rachel and I was rooting for her from the very beginning. And well, she was so vulnerable but the best part was when she stopped drinking and got her life back together! I was so happy for her and I didn’t really like Anna in the beginning but towards the end my feelings for her became subtle. Megan is the woman who has been murdered and Rachel used to watch Megan and her husband Scott every single day from the train. And when Megan turned up dead Rachel knew that she ought to find out the truth and the killer beacuse it seemed like a terrible conincident.

The ending was very unexpected for most readers and for me well, it felt good to be correct about it! Although in the beginning I thought it was somebody else. I recommend this book to everyone. If you are into mysteries and Thrillers go for it and if you like YA like me I think you should read it too, because I loved it!!! I now will definitely start reading more of such thrillers and mysteries!




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