Top 5 Standalone Book Reccomendations 

So lately I am posting a lot and I’m really happy that I am doing it! Also people are always looking for new books to read. So I came up with this list of top 5  standalone books that are a must read and very enjoyable. Ok, so many of you must have read some of these books so I’d love to know what you think of them in the comments below! 

1. Elanor and Park: So my friend bought this book and told me that it was about love, etc. And well, I am kind of cynical about such stuff so I thought it won’t be that good but guys I ended up lovinggggg it! And those last few pages broke my heart. Ahh, it was sooo amazing❤️❤️

2. Flawed: This book was my recent read and it had been a long time since I read dystopian and reading this book made me realise how much I miss reading such books and I am so sad tags the next book will release only next year I have to wait such a long time to read it. 

3. The Girl on the Train : I hope that my review says how much I truly loved this book. Guys you all should read this was so amazing and it’s super hyped by almost everyone. This book is wild on social media, amd I’m sure that you’ll love it! 

4. Fangirl: one more amazing novel by Rainbow Rowell that I enjoyed to the core and the protagonist was so relatable it’s almost like I’m her twin. The way this book is written is fabulous! 

5. The Girl Online: So this isn’t actually a standalone its has a sequel but I couldn’t help but add this book to this list. Ian’s let me tell you, I loved this book way more than its sequel. The book is a kind of a chick flick that all girls will enjoy. I loved the story and the plot they were both amazing.

I hope you guys liked this blog post and tell me which are your favourite standalones and tell me if you’ve read any of these books.

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