Top 5 Female Characters

Being a girl, I’m a feminist and all about girl power. And the first thing I see in books are the female Protagonists. Also its a fact that I relate to Female characters and authors better than I do to Males. So this is a very interesting post of 5 of my favourite female characters, those kickass, sensible, smart, cool girls.

1. Tessa Gray: She is definitely one of my faves. From the very beginning of the series I loved her. I liked her stubbornness, curiosity and sense. She was very clever and knew what to do in difficult situations. Also she loved books, how coollll is that and that I something Ilove about Tessa.

2. Katniss Everdeen : One of the most brave and intelligent fictional girls I know of. I mean going into the Games for her sister, I mean how brave is that?! I loved the way she fought and loved Peeta. In fact I feel very bad for her when Primrose dies, its sooo sad and then Gale ah…..

3. Tris Prior: She’s definitely kickass and amazing. Though I didn’t like that last book Allegiant I loved Tris, and to be honest it was so dumb to kill her. I hated that part of the book. And the way she topped her Dauntless class and the revolt, all of it was very brave.

4. Isabelle Lightwood :  Oh, Izzy how I love you. Ok, admit it we all love her fashion sense and style. I think I like Izzy more than Clary and I totally love Clary. Izzy is super amazing and hot. She is the best example of a kickass girl!

5. Clary Fray : How she became a true shadowhunter, trained  hard, risked her life a million times only to save the world. If she could, she would have given her life away for the world and that’s why I love her!

So guys this was my post about the top 5 kickass girls according tome! Tell me if you agree or disagree also tell me who do you think are the best fictional girls I’d love to know! 🙂 🙂 


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