Reading two Books at a time!

By my current state it’s impossible to get any reading or blogging done during the week and I have to resort to weekends and that too, only Saturdays. Because on Sundays I have 5 hour class and it’s impossible to do anything but complete homework after coming home! You know, the life of students….Also I just got my tbr read books, unread and want to read books all organized in a diary. Because I felt like I should Write it down so that I remember better and work towards my goal! And I realised that I haven’t written reviews for sooo many books and series, so I’ll do that asap! And guys it’s totally working.

So anyways I am currently reading 2 books because there’s just so much reading to do but such less time. Ahh….. So my friend just came up to me and was like you should seriously read Agatha Christie, it’s amazing and I was like sure, why not? But at that time I totally forgot that I was already reading this amazing book called How Opal Mehta got kissed Got Wild and Got a Life! soo, I started reading N or M? by Agatha Christie and it was super interesting and I just read The Girl On The train and it was a murder mystery so I really wanted to try Agatha Christie.

But reading 2 books at a time is very frustrating and I’m under constant pressure to finish the books and write their review! But now I have decided that I will read only the books I can and on My Pace because it all becomes too hectic and then Studies… so This month i may not be able to finish much books but I will read all the books but on my own pace so that I can even Enjoy them! You know what I mean. So guys, a little piece of advice don’t read 2 books at one time it’s very tiring also enjoy the books you read. don’t just read the books because you have to Read Them Because You Want to!


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