Review: How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild and Got A life

NAME: How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild And Got A Life

GENRE: Contemporary, YA, Romance

RATING: 4/5 

So from the title only you can say that this is kind of a chick flick, and yes it is! I enjoye dthis book so much. I had never ever heard about it but then when I read the blurb I really liked it and wanted to read it and I’m sooo happy to say that I did. And you should too. So what if it’s not super hyped or something a book is a book and you enjoy it or you don’t. I would recommend this to all those who love chick flicks and contemporaries.

Synopsis Opal has lived her whole with only one dream HARVARD but when Dean Anderson , her interviewer asks her what she does for fun, she stumped Opal has no answer. And when they give her just one more chance to get in to Harvard, Opal jumps at it. Her parents are trying her best to get her in and they create HOWGAL How Opal will get a life. Everything is going according to plan but in the end Opal realises something very important and is wondering, Does she really want to get into Harvard so badly? 

So please agree that the synopsis is very captivating. The book is filled with makeovers, teen magazines, boys and all sorts of high school stuff. It’s soooo amazing this book should definitely be made into a nice movie, I’d watch it anyday. I’m sure that everyone who reads this book will love it, especially if you are a geeky and nerdy girl. 


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