Liebster Award

Thank you so much Readinglust for nominating me for this award. Also I was soo happy to read all your answers. I am so excited, let’s get started.

@Readinglust’s Questions

1. If you could read only one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Hmm this is a little difficult but I think I can’t choose only one book so I’ll go with the Infernal Devices series! Because I would love to read it a million times mad still not get bored! 

2. Which character would you like to slap in the face? 

Probably Jessamine from TID because literally how could she, I was ooo sad after reading that part it broke my heart into a million pieces❤️

3. If you could change an ending of a book, which would it be and what would you change?

Elanor and Park! I mean if I change the whole ending it would become completely different so the only thing I would change would be those 3 words that Elanor sends Park, I would want to mention what those three words were and what they meant.

4. If you could make one series of a book into a standalone, which would it be?

Hmm I think the Divergent series, I would really love for it to be a single book with all the books combined.

5. Which Film/TV show//Musical have you watched the most times?

The old Disney channel show Zack and Cody And ofcourse FRIENDS. Also the movie High School Musical❤️

6. Your favourite book otp? 

Forever Percabeth! 

7. Which fictional team/gang/group would you like to be part of?

Umm, the shadowhunters from TMI because it’s just one amazing series with amazing people! 

8. Which is your favourite secondary character from a book? 

Leo Valdez from PJ haaa, I loveee himmmm!!! And also Isabelle lightwood she’s amazing.

9. What is your favourite city that you have ever visited? 

London❤️❤️ but I’d love to visit Victorian London, that would be super cool.

10. If you could choose a super power, which would you choose? 

I find knwk actually but I’d love to be super fast! 

11. What is the most shameful book your have read and loved? 

None I think.

My questions 

1. Favourite male fictional character? 

2. A character whom  you’d love to be Bffs with? 

3. Favourite fictional world? 

4. The most loved new/debut author?

5. Favourite Villan? 

6. A character who’s wardrobe you’d love to steal?

7. Favourite female character? 

Sorry for only 7 questions😁😁

I tag anyone who wants to do this Tag!!! 


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