Recent Obsessions and Current read

Omg! This week has gone past soooo quickly! And I finally finished How Opal Mehta Git kissed got Wild and Got A Life and I totally loved it. I wish I read more books like this, and I will, soon.

Anyways lets get to this week’s obsessions 

Music : Recently I’ve been I love with anything Chain Smokers related their new song Roses was just amazing and well if you haven’t heard the new Shawn Mendes song I don’t know what you are upto. Also I’ve been into Lean on since a really long time and it’s still my fave! 

Goodreads: When I first started my Goodreads account, I didn’t actually use it so much but recently I’m really loving it! So Goodreads is definitely my latest obsession. And I am finally on par with my challenge, I really hope I can complete my challenge by the end of this year.

Tv Show: Suits omg!!! It’s sooo good I’m in love with Patrick Adams he’s soo cute and the best part is he’s engaged to Troian Bellasario! But unfortunately I started watching Suits inky from the 6th season, and probably I will start it from the very beginning soon. 

Currebt read: Finally after so many days and months I finally get my hands in Lady amid night, thank you so much Simon and Schuster for sending it to me! I love this book sooo far and I am totally shipping Emma and Julian they are amazing! 


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