Review: Lady Midnight

Name: Lady Midnight

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Fantasy, Young adult fiction

Ratings: 5/5

So guys, here I am finally finishing this amazing book and writing a review for it! I loved this book throughly. Right from the being img yo the very end! All of it was just perfect like most of Cassabdra Clare’s books are. I, so glad that I finally read this book and thank you so much Simon and Schuster for sending me a reviewer’s copy of it, I really apprieciate it! The beginning itself was very interesting and all the fella, ahh…. I still can’t get over the book and the ending it was soo, I’m speechless I have no words that last line by Mark oh, it was so unexpected. That Epilogue though, I think we all can agree how good it was and I can’t wait fir the next book to come out, I hope it happens soon and I finally can read what happens next.

All the characters were lovely from the entire Blackthorn family and yay! All our favourite characters from The Mortal Instruments and The infernal devices are there and it gave me so much of joy to read about them and see how they all ended up. I loved this book if you haven’t read this book, I order you to go read it right away guys you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff. Emma and Julian I love them I wish they could be together but the ending…. I shipped them throughout the book and Mark and Kieran they’re amazing too! That part where they revelation The Guardian omg! That was such an unexpected twist I was shocked and betrayed I couldn’t believe it and I’m still trying to get over my feelings of the book. 

Overall this book was awesome, it had all the factors needed to make an amazing book and each and every part was intriguing. The part where Jem and Tessa come in ahh….. I loved that and Simon and Isabelle I love them! Jace was handsome as always and all those little shocks, turns and twists were mind blowing. I can’t wait to read the next book! What did you think of lady midnight? Have you read it?  I can’t wait to read more about Julian and Emma! They’re the best! 


4 thoughts on “Review: Lady Midnight

  1. Woohoo! I am so glad that you enjoyed this book, it truly is brilliant! And I also loved the fact that all our favourite characters returned for small guest appearances throughout the book. It made the book appear to be very grounded in the world that Cassandra Clare has created. Wonderful review! ๐Ÿ™‚

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