Goodbye July……hello August

This month has been very disappointing according to my reading! I have only read 2 or 3 books which is bad though I’m so happy that I finally started receiving ARC’s Yay!!!! Lady midnight and The Square Root of summer! This month was nice I guess except for the fact that I read very few books, but I was more active on my blog and bookstagram and I felt really happy about it! And this month I had many new obsessions in songs TV shows etc! So let’s get into it

Right now I’ve been listening so much to Work….I loveee it! It’s amazing Rihanna rocks also Zayn Malik’s new album is amazing I loveddd it! It’s so sad that he left 1D though he is off to a very good solo career and I love Gigi and Zayn together, they’re the cutest ❤️


Guess who watched The Duff? this gal! Omg! I can’t wait to read the book! The movie was so adorable and cute I loved the main character Bianca she’s so strong and brave! I wish my life was like a movie it would have been so cool! Also who watches Girl Meets World on Disney channel? I loveee it! Season 3 just came out and ahh the triangle has finally been broken and I feel so happy, if you haven’t watched this show I suggest you do it ASAP! Also as I mentioned earlier in a post I loveee Suits, Patrick Adams is sooooooooo Cutee I think I’m in loveee! You guys should definitely check out Suits I’m sure you’ll love it! Finallyyyy season 7 PLL ahhhhh………. I still haven’t watched it, just yesterday I fin used watching season 6 and it was. AMAZINGGG! That cliffhanger though 😁😣

BOOKS/READING Um, the bad and disappointing part! I read only 2 books that’s sooo baddd and I know that I’m posting this after a while week of August, it’s just that I’m super busy this year! Anyways let’s talk about the books I acquired: 

1. Lady Midnight (ARC)

2. the Square Root Of summer (ARC) 

3. Agatha Christie: N or M (borrowed)

4. How Opal Mehta Got kissed got wild and Got A Life (bought)

5. Backlash (borrowed) 

I acquired so many books but only read 2 of them Lady Midnight and How Opal Mehta Got kissed got wild and got a life! That’s so bad😢 anyways  I really hope I can do better this month! 

So this was my Wrap Up of July and I’ll be posting my tbr soon, once I get it all organised and am pretty confident about it! What did you guys think of this post? What are your recent obsessions been like?


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