Why I Love to Bookstagram 

So guys if you have a bookstagram account I’m sure you all will agree. The thrill and happiness we get by clicking pictures of books is amazing! I have been thinking of doing this post since such a long time! I mean, bookstagramming is my as important as my life, I love clicking pictures of books and receiving all the love from my fello bookstagrammers on Instagram it’s a great thing you know, to be appreciated for what you do. Many of us, here Runa blog and also a bookstagram account and I’m one of them. But if anyone asks me which one do I prefer I definitely won’t be able to choose. Because I totally love both of these and it’s like I feel alive and happy and three adrenaline in my veins and I feel good. Even if my entire day or week has been extremely crappy the support that I recieveed on Instagram is so fascinating. For instance my school began 2 month ago and we were all shuffled by the subjects that we chose and me and all my friend s opted for the same subjects and the worst thing ever happened to me, all my friends ended up in one class together and I was put into anipother division. It literally killed me knowing this and to be honest, I was so disappointed for many days and when I shared this with my followers on Instagram they were so supportive and all of them told me that it’d be fine and I believed them. That’s the amount it love we receive guys and if you’re thinking of creating an account please go ahead and if you already have an account, just be happy to do what you do and also please leave your usernames in the comments below so I can follow all the beautiful account out there and I get to know all of you amazing people who share the same interests as me. 

I hope that this post was not too cheesy😅, but I do love to bookstagram and I just wanted you’ll to know how great it is! I love all of you and if you follow my blog or bookstagram thank you so much, it means a lot.

7 thoughts on “Why I Love to Bookstagram 

    1. Aww thanks I love your account too! To be honest you were my inspiration to actually create a bookstagram account.❤️❤️


  1. I love bookstagram! I feel like making conversation with people is so much easier because we all have something in common! (Btw I love your blog post!)

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