Review: The Square Root Of Summer

Name: The Square Root Of Smmer

Author: Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Genre: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi

Ratings: 5/5

 Thank you so much PAN Macmillan India for sending me a copy of this lovely book. I loved reading and reviewing this beautiful book! 

So finally here I am sharing my views with you guys. This book changed me in ways I cannot explain. It taught me that live life like Grey, as if it’s the last day of your life and also that HAPPINESS is the most important thing in life, everything else comes Second.

The characters were all likeable except maybe Jason. I love Margot thigh I feel really bad for her after she lost Grey. Because Grey was not just her Grandfater but he was a father, mother and everything to her. Sci-Fi was a new genre for me and homestead I do love science especially Physics just like Margot. I enjoyed this genre mixed with comtemporary so much I’ll definitely be trying to read more of such books. Thomas and Margot, the lead couple are goals. This book shows their relationship from best friends to something else and I cherish every moment they share together. Her family did seem a little dysfunctional to me at first, but what were you supposed to be like when you lost someone so close to you it shattered your whole world. Margot lived like that for a whole year her outburst over Grey….and Jason. But when Thomas comes back, her best friend who moved to Canada and never contacted her, her world is unravelling. Margot finally seeks happiness and learns how to live life. 

I really have to say that the author has done an examplary job with the plot and the book is so well written, it doesn’t seem, like a book anymore because you’re practically living it. The way she used timetravel and black holes and all things physics, it only made me want to read more and more. Time travel? I always thought that it’s something good to go back to your past and revisit old memories. But after reading this book I now realise that going back to your past only to visit the worst experienced in your like, it is the most horrible thing ever and having no control over what you see where you go, it’s hell.And Margot experiences that. 

The ending was too good, it left me a little happy a little sad and for some reason, tears rolled down my cheek and there was no way for me to suppress them. It left my heart aching and my head a little dizzy because I wanted more if it. I still don’t know if there’s going to be a sequel but it would be so cool if there was. And I won’t leave any opportunities to read more book by this wonderful author and this beautiful genre.


4 thoughts on “Review: The Square Root Of Summer

  1. I’m mixed on it. The author tried really hard to mix things up using physics and put a twist on a somewhat ordinary teen romance, but i’m not so sure it ended up working though the idea is interesting. It failed to somewhat absorb my attention, but I enjoyed reading about Thomas and Gottie’s friendship. Its honestly a “meh” from me.

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