Weekly Update…..

So hey guys, this week I’ve been in some kind of slump, I haven’t read thankfully I had taken stock photos for my Instagram cause I didn’t feel like doing anything. Plus I have many tests next week which I was studying for. And to,or row I have this huge Physics test which I haven’t studied for. Ahh…… 

Anyways I hope I can get out of this slump quickly so that I can finally start reading all those books on my tbr and also Goodreads says I’m a book, behind my schedule and I’m so disappointed. My library membership just ended and well, my mom says I can only renew it after exams and that’s soo far away… Agh, STUDENT LIFE ! 😁😞

Though there were a few good things that happened this week, I finished studying Math yayyyyyy!! I’m sooo happy. But then, there are so many more subjects. I am completely lagging behind in my reading. Eeekk… And I’m still not over The Square Root Of Summer, it was such an amazing book. I’ve been thinking about the book, pretty much the entire week. And thus week I had into only attend 2 days of school, thank you National Holidays! I can’t wait for vacations. But it’s like school just started and now my units will begin and then school for a month or two and then semester and only then will I get a vacation. Hmm, I wish we had a 6 month long vacation twice a year! Lol! I’m just kidding although…..

So this was pretty much my week, what about you guys? Did you do anything interesting this past week if yes, enjoy and if no, welcome to the gang 😁 so one more thing this week I’ll probably be posting reviews of old series that I’ve read but never written a review for, because I read them before creating this blog so…. I’ve decided to finally write them! 

Byee! Have a lovely weekend Everyone! 


7 thoughts on “Weekly Update…..

      1. I’ve just bought books, but I need to finish Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief — it’s just not grabbing me anymore 😦


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