Review: Divergent

Hey! So I read this book a looooonggg time ago and I realised that I never actually wrote a review for it! So here I am finally  writing it’s review! 

So to be honest I really liked the first 2 books, and I had such high hopes for the third one but Allegiant was a kind of a let down and because of that book I didn’t completely LOVE this series but it was definitely a good series. 

1. Divergent: Divergent was amazing with the initiation and Tris choosing Dauntless, Four and everything. I loved this book. The faction system, Jeanine the introduction it was all very interesting. Caleb, oh Caleb it was such a shock that he chose Erudite agh… This book was well written and followed the protagonist Tris Prior who is Divergent. It means that in a society of only 5 factions she has the qualities of 3 of them. Dauntless, the faction she chooses, Erudite and Abnegation. Tris, for the first time thinks about herself and chooses Dauntless at the initiation ceremony where candidates choose the faction they think they belong to. And they have to leave their family, friends everyone behind and experience this life alone. They have this saying “Faction before Blood.”After the simulation test, the person who takes her test tells her that she is Divergent. But nonetheless, she succeeds all the tests of Dauntless. One day everyone is under a simulation, all of them are affected except for the Divergent, but in her society Divergents are not allowed they are excecuted and Jeanine Matthews the head of Erudite plans to finish off all the Divergents. In a quest to save everyone she loves from the simulation and Erudite, Tris puts her and Four, her Dauntless instructor’s life in danger. This book is adventurous and thrilling. Tris is very likeable so is Four. I really enjoyed the book and couldn’t wait to read the next one, which was even better!  

And yes this is kind of a mini review cause I don’t remember everything that I read exactly. And it was a few years ago! But I hope that you guys like this mini review of Divergent! 


6 thoughts on “Review: Divergent

  1. I feel the same way about allegiant!! I really didn’t like the ending and I think that it could have been better if the thing with Tris ( which I won’t mention so that I don’t spoil it for others) didn’t happen. I just feel like Allegiant dragged on a bit. What do you think?

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    1. Yes, I feel the same. I mean that “thing with Tris” was so not needed you know, like why? And how it happened was even worse. I really felt that it could have been better!

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      1. Exactly! I don’t like the way that it got all sci-fi-y either, I would have preferred it if it was more like the first book, you know?

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