My Desperation to attend a Literary Event

DESPERATE TO THE CORE!!! Literally these past few days i have been searching the entire internet for book/literary fests where I live. And literally nothing is coming up. There are no events in my locality and this just kills me.I mean all the book bloggers and bookstagrammers I know have been to at least one Book event and me, I’m hopeless. HELP MEEEE!!!! I just so badly want to experience book fests, meeting people with the same interests and conversing with all the great authors. But hardly any authors add INDIA to their list of book tours and there just aren’t many YA authors/readers in India. And that is one of the main reasons that there are literally No events/signings where I live. I just hope that in the future, I get one opportunity to go to a book event. Until then, fingers crossed I receive a magical invitation from a publisher to a book event. (haha, though I really WISH!) Please share with me your experiences, if any of you’ve ever been to one of these fests, believe me I’d love to know. YAY!!!!! Comic Con’s in October, it’s soo close I’m sooo pumped, I really want to go to Comic Con Mumbai. Also if any of you guys live in Mumbai and know of any book events plsssss tell me, I’ll be there!


6 thoughts on “My Desperation to attend a Literary Event

  1. Aww sorry to hear about that!! Do you plan on going to Comic Con Mumbai? I’m going to Comic Con New York in October and BookCon will be featured there this year so I am excited. I am also meeting Leigh Bardugo (author of Grisha and Six of Crows) in September. Other than that, I usually don’t attend book events because they usually take place during my work hours. Which sucks big time!

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    1. Ohh, but at least been to a few events. And wow! You get to attend book con! That’s amazing I seriously want to go to Comic Con Mumbai this year, I hope it’s possible.


  2. I didn’t attend any book event either cause like you mentioned,there aren’t those many in India!Comic Con Hyderabad is happening next month.It sounds fun this time cause Panda Patil from Harry Potter is coming as a guest,but then I don’t think I’ll be able to go to this 😭

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