Review: Insurgent

As promised here’s my review of Insurgent The second book in the Divergent trilogy!

To be honest I liked this book way more than the first one, the plot itself was way more interesting, with revolts and rebels and Tris. I started loving Tris in this book and I felt that she was being too hard on herself for(spoiler Alert) killing Will. Tris as a character grew so much in this book. She lot her mother and her father on the same day but she still tried to move on, for those who looked up to her. Her friends, the divergents and the factionless.

The one thing I did not enjoy was the relationship between Tris and Four. They were ALWAYS lying to each other. Going behind each others backs, keeping secrets from one another. And the next moment they’d promise each other that they’d be honest and then they would again lie and fight. It was just too complicated!

The ending was such a huge cliff hanger and I had such high hopes for Allegiant but…..I didnt like it. Though after reading this book I was like I need Allegiant right now and I bought it. But overall Insurgent was a pretty good read that I enjoyed.



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