Lit without Limits! 

Exciting news guys!!! I’m an ambassador for lit without limits “A nonprofit bringing empowering literature with an accompanying curriculum to girls in mentoring groups.”

So guys if you don’t know by now I’m all about #girlpower! I want girls to be proud to be girls and their parents even more proud that they have daughters. Girls around the world have a little tough, but we need to rise above all of this and prove out worth to the entire world. And hence when I came across @litwothoutlimits on Instagram, I knew I needed to be part of this organisation no matter what. I had to contribute to this amazing organisation and help all the girls in the world to read and thus be empowered. 

I’m sure that everyone agrees books are invaluable the knowledge, the power and the empowerment it’s all too important and so I really think that girls need to start reading at least now. Read and read, read about what you like, what you want to know and what you want to do. Reading has been an extremely I detachable part if my life so far and I want this to continue forever. Reading has been a life changing experience, literally. If you ask my kindergarten friends to come and meet me now, all I’d talk about would be books and books and fictional characters and book boyfriends and I’m pretty sure they won’t recognise me. It has definitely changed me and my life for the better. 

Lit without limits is an amazing organisation and I have all the respect in the world for their wonderful founder and CEO Haley. Go visit this amazing website, learn more about this cause and please contribute to the cause. Spread awareness, start a chapter tell more peopl about it or donate to this cause because this is a very noble cause which in the future will help all the girls and a non-profit organisation domestic that tell you enough about this initiative. Go ahead guys give this a try!

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