Omg! 100 Followers

Yay!!! I still can’t believe it I just hit a 100 followers and I’m sooo happy and excited this has made me realise tags I really should post more often, but there’s in time guys. But I have been planning many many posts in my hard it’s just I need to type it all out. So I’ve decided to make it up to you guys. I’ll ready all my postscript the weekend and then post them daily or weekly and il try my best to remain active! Ahh I’m so ecstatic ya!!! 

I just want to thank each and eve tune of you for not just following me but liking my posts, commenting supporting my thighs and sharing the things that you feel. I love this amazing blogging community just as much I love the bookstagramming community. I started blogging with only one thing in mind, sharing my thighs but looking at all that I’ve achieved I’m so happy and proud of myself. It feels great! Guys thanks a ton. I love you to the moon and back❤️ also it was my bday yesterday and getting this present from you’ll it’s really nice.

Thanks to all who made this possible and I’m think my of upgrading my plan??wat say? Though its so expensive I don’t think I can pay for that using my allowance and it doesn’t feel right asking my parents for money to run my blog. Ugh, but I really want to upgrade it so badly! 


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