Stepping out of Comfort zones Trying new Things

I feel like trying new things is very very important. Discovering new ideas, books, music thoughts it’s very crucial in life. And so I decided to read this very interesting book What Lies Between Us. It’s a novel featuring life, traditions in Sri Lanka and a girl who goes abroad and is trying to make her life urgh again after her fathers death and childhood trauma. I kinda like this book and I just can’t put it down it soo interesting. Thigh some parts I did’t feel comfortable reading I still like it. And I think that we all should at least once in a while try experiencing new things, genres, books. It helps guys. At first the though of love, contemporary, etc was like ugh for em but then now contemporary is one of my favourite genres. 

And hence u think that we all should try new, different things. At first it seem bad but believe me you can come to love it. I’ve leant this from reading many contemporary novels and now this book that I’m currently reading is amazing guys I really like it. I’ve never read anything like this before and I just can’t put done ten book it’s that interesting.i thought that this was very important for me to share so please guys follow my advice and I’m sure you’ll come to love things that felt like awkward before.


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