New Releases that I am yet to read…..

Ok so these past few weeks/months there have been amazing new books released and I’ve been dying to get my hands on them. So let’s start with:

1. PS. I like You: ahh the cover itself is soo pretty and omg! The hype also the synopsis so in short everything about thus book is lovely and I can’t wait to read it but it’s soo freaking expensive where I live and my allowance does not cooperate so I’ll have to wait a little longer to get it. But I’m hoping to get it soon……

2. Murder on the Orient Express: yay!! I’m soo in mood for a nice good mystery novel, cause it’s been a whole and thus would also be my first ever Agatha Chritie book soo well, can’t wait and well it’s Agatha Christie guys so you know.

3. The problem with Forever: what draws me is the title the problem with forever. And that pretty cover and just the fact that it’s a contemporary novel. Yes, contemporary is now one of ma favs! 

4. The unexpected Everything: ahh it’s been forever since thus book came out and I still haven’t read it. Inwantbto getbthus book ASAP!! The cover and the characters I think are really interesting!

5. Whisper To Me: the rave reviews ahh and the synopsis. This book stills sits in my amazing cart but it still not bought. This is am desperate to read! Also I’ve been seeing This So much on bookstagram! ❤️❤️ 
So that my list guys! Hope you share some of these too. And tell me which books do you guys want to read? I’d love to knwkp


2 thoughts on “New Releases that I am yet to read…..

    1. Omg! Looks like you’ve read quite a few books that are on my list. Thanks for the review I plan on reading them soon. No inhabit read it but will check it out now that you say it’s good!

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