Why Book mail is Amazing

So these past few weeks I’ve been getting continuous packages from publishers of review copies, and this makes me sooo happy! Believe me receiving books in the mail after a hard day of school is literally the best feeling in the world. The happiness and the excitement and that new video/pictures that you need to upload on Instagram for everyone to see ahh, it’s amazing! 

Like last month I had this exam and once I came back The Sqaure Root Of Summer was right there waiting for me and I was almost jumping with joy (everyone around me started at me thinking I’m mad and then just ignored me 😂) and that perfect timing. Woo!! BOOKMAIL = HAPPINESS 

Though, then there are some cases where your ARC list is soo long and you have exams and there’s so much of work and pressure over you, it’s stressful. But most publishers are very kind and give you lots of time to read and review books and what better break/change from studying than reading a book you love and have been waiting forever to read?! Yes I know that sounds amazing and trust me it is!!!! ❤️❤️

And hence the title BOOKMAIL is really THE BEST! Nothing in the world except for maybe Percy being my boyfriend can ever ever beat that! And that packaging. Ahh I could go on forever….

4 thoughts on “Why Book mail is Amazing

  1. I totally agree with you. Book mail definitely lifts my mood UP UP UP especially after a hard long day. Isn’t it great to see that package waiting for you with a shiny brand new spanking book? Lol. Book mail = Happy mail ❤

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  2. I totally agree with you! BOOKMAIL = HAPPINESS!!!!! It’s such a great feeling when you are handed your book by the post man!!! I love it! I haven’t had that much bookmail recently, but I’m hoping to get some books for my birthday!

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