What I think about Buying Books

So being a book lover I love having thousands of books in my (imaginary) shelf and I absolutely love the idea of new books. But then there’s the question “money”? Ah so here’s my sad sad story I’m a student and am absolutely broke. I don’t have a penny to spend. Ohh here’s the second part of my sad story my parents don’t like buying me books (there I said it) 

So I feel like I have no power because I have no money! There’s so much stuff to buy but how do I buy it? I wish I had a million dollars and all I’d spend it on would be Clothes and books and ofcourse everything else like food, a place to live and NETFLIX. Yes so this is basically my life. Stalking people on the bookstagram community and looking at all the beautiful books that they own and their big Crazy “book hauls”. People say that they have a major book buying problem. Well, I’d be the same except it there’s no money how the hell do I buy books?! 

So this is what I think about books they should be free for all. Haha jkπŸ˜‚ (cause I plan to be an author and well if I get zero income idk what I’ll do) but they definitely should be free for those who don’t own money or probably we all should have amazing parents who love to spoil us buying everything (muahhhhaaa: that’s my evil laughter btw) 

Umm, thats why I hope you guys know why the same books appear in my Instagram feed over and over again and I hope that there’s someone out there with the same exact problem cause I can’t deal with This alone πŸ˜› so here’s a shoutout to all those bookworms who are students, guys I feel ya 😁❀️

6 thoughts on “What I think about Buying Books

  1. I totally get you! I’m not a student, I have a job because you know, I’m an adult! Which means I have house payments, utility expenses and oh ya that internet thing that it isn’t free πŸ˜₯ did I mention a phone and vet bills?………I changed my mind. I don’t want to be an adult!
    Books do get very expensive. I stalk bookstagramers and booktubers all the time too. To live vicariously through them because I can’t afford another shelf or even HALF the books they have. So don’t worry hunny 😦 even those of us out of school still don’t have that luxury.
    Have you thought about second hand book stores, garage sales, good will or even libraries? πŸ™‚ Those are great places to get cost effective books. They wont be brand new, but they’ll be new to you! You can also find some great classics for a really cheap price. Sometimes those places don’t know what they have.
    Oh! If you haven’t heard of Paperbackswap I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. You can swap books with actual people in the same boat as us, and all you have to pay for is shipping. Which is like 2-3 bucks! Check it out πŸ™‚

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  2. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ I happen to have the same problem! My parents do buy me books but then not more than 5-6 a year…and I happen to read 5-6 in a single monthπŸ˜‚ It’s worse this year cause I got only 3 books till now and have no hopes of getting any more 😭 My boostagram too is full of repeating books.But trust me,it isn’t really obvious that you use the same books over and over again.I actually did go back and check your account and seriously ,someone would have to look at every single post very closely to even notice it! And really it doesn’t matter if you use the same book a lot ,it’s just the creativity that matters! I guess we could always try out second hand stores but then,I never found one with good books!

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  3. Also there’s a book worldwide book exchange going on on Instagram.It requires you to send a book to a person and you should be willing to give your address and by the end of the book exchange,you receive about 36 books….well,I think that’s the gist of it,I don’t really remember the details but you can look it up under #savetheculture

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