Review: What lies between Us





Image result for what lies between usSo thanks so much to Pan macmillan India for kindly sending me a copy to review.

So this is what I mean by saying ” stepping out of comfort zones”. This book was definitely not what Iusually read. It was way different but then I thought that I needed to try reading it and it turns out I liked it!

An almost realistic story about a young girl from Sri Lanka who moves to America with burdens and secrets with her. Always in fear of what might happen. This story talks about the protagonist and what she grows up to be, the problems she faces and all that which is in her way. The story was written extremely well, it was as though I could feel everything happening. The writing is absolutely flawless, the way the story flows, and is something great at the end of it. Nayomi Munaweera has done an exemplary job with the writing!

Not only the writing but the story itself unfolds in ways we don’t expect and turns into something we don’t recognize. The wonderfully told story is almost real with all the emotions and expressions. Interesting to the core, I just couldn’t put this book down no matter what. It made me so curious I can’t explain how badly I needed to know what happens in the end.

The ending was beautiful yet sad in its own way. After finishing the book I felt complete and my thirst for knowing more was quenched but something that I did feel was sadness and pity for the protagonist, but as she herself says, she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.She is lost but yet whole and that’s just the way it is……..


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